The period of warranty
- 24 months from the date of activation of warranty or not exceeding 30 months from the date of manufacture.

Warranty for products conditions
  • Products still under the warranty period and reasons damage caused by the fault of producers.
  • Products must be intact stamp authenticated SMS (anti-counterfeiting), stamp seals stuck by the producers stikk are not erased,scraped repair.
  • None warranty products damaged by accident (fall break, natural disasters, fire, water, insects ...), the accessories attached to the unit (remote...), or use the products are not conforming to the user manual.
  • In addition to these conditions, all the products will be repaired charged according disrepair.
Customers should be noted
In the process of using, please do not tear, scrape or deface, lost or blur information on SMS authenticated stamp for the warranty for products to be favorable.
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